All NHL hockey teams in North America award “Three Stars” at the end of each game. The three stars of the game are the three best players in a game as chosen by a third party, with the first star considered the best of the three players. Each star is worth a specific point value; the first star recipient receives 3 points, the second star receives 2 points and third star 1 point. Throughout the season, each team keeps a running tally of the number of points each player has been awarded. The player with the most points at the end of the season is honored at the end of the season for their achievement.

Liljenquist & Beckstead Jewelers has sponsored the Washington Capitals Three Stars of the Game promotion for the last 15 seasons. At the conclusion of each season, Liljenquist & Beckstead awards the Capitals player with the highest number of points earned during the course of the season with a Breitling watch. A representative from Liljenquist & Beckstead awards the exquisite timepiece to the player on ice in front of the entire arena at one of the final home games of the Capitals regular season.